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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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time in cleveland. we may be in the other team's territory, but we have a lot of help rallying together heading that way. >> and another leader leaving parma school board as a major deadline looms. >> and democracy at its business. young protestors in brook park getting their demands answered by the mayor. happy friday morning to you, cleveland. i am jackie fernandez. >> and i am terrence lee. congratulations, we made it, and we have an exciting >> we do. >> not just for the kids but the grownups, too, world series game three and four. >> halloween, halloween parties. there is boo bash tomorrow. >> and the launch partys will be at progressive field. let's takes a live look at the ballpark. it looks be this morning, jd. it is a busy morning and
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them love. the browns have a game on sunday. we need to rally around them, too. youngstown and fremont both just slipped into the 30s from the 40s, 39 right now. akron-canton, and cleveland starting out in the 40s. trying to warm to the mid to upper 50s this afternoon. if this does not suit your fancy. i have high temperatures in the 70s in the seven-day forecast. more on that in a until 3:00 p.m. the right lane will be closed on southbound ontario at 90. the 49th street bridge over the shoreway will be closed tonight at 7:00 p.m. to halloween morning. take detroit, take 90 do get around that and avoid it entirely. an odot view of 90 and fulton, traffic is starting to build. we have been okay on the highways. not too many issues. let's check in with jon rudder for a different view.
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giving you a look at 90 and mlk. things are looking nice along 90. there is a report of an object in the roadway along mlk. we have been flowing around. we don't see anything -- flying around. we don't see anything obstructing traffic. things are looking great here from airtracker5. back to you inside. it is game day cleveland. the cubs are ready to take on the indians in chicago tonight in >> nick foley is live at progressive field where a lot of you will be going to the watch parties. nick, some lucky clevelanders will be at wrigley? >> reporter: they certainly will. they will be doing it for free. they won't have to deal with the huge ticket prices on the vending websites. no, tickets to the world series game plus a trip to chicago coming free as regard to a -- reward to the hundreds of those that work fulltime behind the scenes for
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on the field getting themselves in this position, and 100s of full-time employees have been working hard as well. they are being flown to chicago with their significant other for game three and game four at wrigley field. for matt, who has been working for the team for 19 years, he says for him and the other employees, this is proof they are part of the team. >> it is great to feel like team win. making the play-offs and having a deep run is a validation of all that hard work. it is terrific. >> reporter: how is that for a perk coming with the job. matt started in 1993 with the last world series. we owl know how that world series ended so we are hoping for a different result outside
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>> there are tickets available for game three and four this weekend. they will only cost you $5. you can sit and watch the game from the scoreboard and remember, all this money goes to local charities. corrina? jackie, now from the live desk, jay-z is putting on a free concert in support of hillary clinton. you can get your hands on tickets starting this morning. the concert will be happening in cleveland. we don't know exactly where yet. tickets will be given out at 8:00 this morning on the corner of east 30th next to the 1st united methodist church. they are available today, tomorrow and sunday. residents in parma are dealing with shocking news this morning. they lost a school board leader for the second time in a month. sarah phinney has been following this story for us. this comes before the schools have a major deadline to meet? >> yes, terrence. the deadline was a few days
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early. some jobs and extra curriculars are on the chopping block, submitted last night. here are the documents this morning. some of the cuts include newspaper advisors, power of the pen program and art club. those are just a few examples, but the consolidation of the district's three high schools are off the table for now. that idea sparked anger and protests in parma earlier this month resulting in the dramatic resignation of kathleen at a meeting on october 4th. she quit then and and now marlie hall lorain is -- hall ore ran quit. live in the techer in, sarah phinney, newschannel5. new this morning cleveland police raiding three homes and making two arrests in connection with recent smash-
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well, there ar doing that could put the election in jeopardy. it is called vote swapping. voters with pledge to vote online to vote for each other's candidate in their respective state so the vote can make more of an impact. more candy, right? these kids from brook park learning the power of democracy from a very young age. they are demanding the mayor
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treating by 30 minutes. the mayor caved but he said there is another argument at work here, more than just candy. >> we are the home of o'malley's candies. this could have a great impact on the city. another half hour of candy is good for the economy of brook park. >> the kids are so cute there and they won. trick-or-treat on monday will go from 6:00 to 8:30. >> how can you argue about more candy? good morning. 6:07. let's we are on the chilly, if not the cold side, 39 in youngstown and 46 this cleveland. here is the quick version of what to expect today. highs in the 50s. the clouds will decrease as the day goes on. the winds should be light and the temperatures edging up north of 50 through the afternoon. warmer air coming up for the weekend. i will talk about that and the halloween forecast still to come. jackie? well, coming up, a major scare on the campaign trail.
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nominee mike pence flirts with disaster. >> then too busy to pay attention. we have talked about people taking selfies behind the wheel before but never like this one. trust me, folks. this one will blow your mind.
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. protestors evicted overnight in north dakota in the path of the there on private land. hundreds of police and the riot guard used pepper spray. at least 117 people arrested, including a woman that pulled out a pistol and started firing at officers, just missing a sheriff deputy. no serious injuries reported. vice-presidential nominee mike pence is breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning. >> his plane skid off the runway at laguardia last night.
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the pilot slammed on the breaks and people could smell -- brakes and the people could smell burning rubber. everybody was evacuated to the back of the plane. donald trump was in a rally in geneva, ohio, as the news broke about his running mate. >> i just spoke to mike pence and he is fine. he got out. everybody is fine. everybody is fine. >> the same plane had a hard landing earlier in the day in trump promised to be back on campaign trail today. donald trump is accusing nbc of releasing the tapes. he said it was an illegal act because his microphone was not supposed to be on. california law says it is illegal to record private conversations without the consent of the parties
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action. in the meantime michelle obama and hillary clinton campaigning for the first time in north carolina. michelle obama says she is often asked if they are friends. she had this for her answer. >> if people wonder, yes, hillary clinton is my friend. she has been a friend to me, barack, malia, sasha, and bill and chelsea have been embracing and supportive from the very day my husband took the >> michelle obama has come out as a strong defender of clinton because this election is quote unprecedented. a jury is awarding a california woman more than $70 million over johnson & johnson baby powder. she says years of using the powder gave her ovarian cancer. about 2,000 women have filed similar suits. some judges have thrown out the suits saying there is not
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a officer board that broke into fire and destroyed a family's home in tennessee is now suing the company, amazon. they say the company was neglect for falsely representing it on the website and didn't contain an original samsung battery as advertised. right now, this texas college student is behind bars accused of crashing into a parked police car while drunk sexting her boyfriend. po radar appeared to be trying to take a topless selfie for snapchat. the officer found a bottle of wine in her car and she failed three associate tests. well, a -- sobriety tests. well, a suspect was on the run from domestic violence charges. you can see this chase here. he pulled into and in and out burger and appeared to place an order. a short time later he was
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this house of the he is now facing several charges. well, it is approaching 6:16 on your friday. let's check in with jd rudd. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for waking up with us. as you get out the door this morning, grab the paper, heading out to work or taking the dog for a walk, here is the hourly temperature lookout for the next four hours. 40s. the clouds will start to break apart as we head to the lunch hour today. here is big up satellite and radar picture. there goes the lingering system we had yesterday off and out of here. no new rain coming in. the clouds, the lower gray clouds are still there. those will persist for a little bit this morning. here is the set-up for this afternoon. a warm front to the west. our temperatures today should be in the 50s. the warm front will come through our area overnight tonight to tomorrow. that really opens the door to those warmer temperatures, 0s across the state tomorrow.
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north. that is going to slide in for sunday. that will give us a chance for a few rain showers. i will put the rain shower chance going up for saturday night to sunday. it is a small to decent chance. doesn't look like a washout for anybody who may be heading to the brown's game or doing anything on sunday. here is the power planner for the weekend in detail. hourly temperatures on saturday on the top. sunday on the bottom. sunday a nice, warm day. sunday it will be warmer in the morning than afternoon, falling temperatures through. also, we can't leave the indians and tribes out of this whole thing as they travel to chicago this weekend as the world series picks up. these are the forecast temperatures for the games in chicago. sunday's match may be on the colder side, 49 by 8:00 p.m. on sunday. not to be outdone, the browns have a game this weekend, as well. you may want to keep the rain gear handy as we go through the day. the temperatures will cool off. >> thank you, jd.
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good. 90, 71 and 77, we are traveling at top speeds. certainly different than what we saw yesterday with the rain. but we are noticing a little slow down on 490 eastbound at 77 where folks get off at that stop sign at east 55th street. elsewhere the akron area checking in a-okay. 76, 277 and 77 in the green. let's look at the odot view of 71 and badgley. we are seeing volume building in the north and southbound lanes but have let's check in with the jon rudder leader in the sky, airtracker5. >> reporter: we are looking down at 71. things look great there. and 480, as well. we are at 77 and 480. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. no accidents or issues to report here from airtracker5. back to you inside. >> thank you, jon. looking good out there. we will see you back here
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good morning, cleveland. 6:21. come to your screen to see the cutest thing on your friday morning. this penguin's name is wonder twin. she started losing her feathers which can happen in the wild. since she is not able to regulate her body temperature, the wardrobe department at seaworld designed a custom wet
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>> she -- cute is that, right? >> that is adorable. and check out the cutest toddler you will ever see. he is from idaho. he knows his way around a local basketball court. his name is carter. he is a triple threat. he shoots, dribbles and passes, too. etc. 3 years old, ladies and gentlemen. he used to windchill a his parents play and he is picking up some of their skills. >> he picks up the basketball everyday. >> i love to play everyday. >> carter loves watching the pros. he won't be dressing up as a basketball player, however, this halloween if you were were noting. he will be going as a police officer because that is what his grandfather does. >> this little carter kid, my goodness, his hand-eye coordination unmatched, jd. >> what a kid. how about that. some skill.
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6:22. good morning to you. a live look outside. light's out at progressive. at wrigley field we hope we put the lights out on the cubs. the next three days the coolest of the three days for the ball games. sunshine returning. tomorrow is the pick day of the week. 73 and sunshine in the afternoon. then a front comes through sunday morning. cools us down a little bit and gives us a chance for a couple of swe next week isn't bad at all. we stay above average by a large degree. tuesday is another day in the 70s. many kids will be trick-or- treating on sunday. here is what to expect. the dancing mummy is here. we model this had after kristin. i can't dance like this but she says she can. the forecast is 61 at 5:00.
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kids be careful. make sure they are wearing reflective clothing. be extra careful of the kids. they have candy on the brain. please be cautious. are we doing a little -- >> dance. you got it, yes! >> my turn? okay. let me see. this we go! high kick! not in this dress! [ laughing ] well, we have th tonight at 7:00 p.m. take detroit or 90 if you are coming in from the west side. 480 eastbound 77 to 271, we should be at 7 or 8 minutes. but they are at 64 miles per hour. here is our odot view of 480. this is warrensville center road. traffic is picking up. no problems on 90 eastbound. crocker to the innerbelt bridge we are looking at a 13 minute commute. 71 slow as well. no issues for you or delays to
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a traffic comes to the newschannel5 traffic center. high kick what? kristin byrne that i love so much used to be a cheerleader. if you follow my snapchat, if she dances during commercial break, we will have it! [ laughing ] we love it! let's talk about this next story. it is going viral. a student at ohio university ditched class to go to the world series here. his professors' response is going viral. >> here is his dodd got him tickets to the world series -- his dad got him tickets to the world series. guess what he did? he showed up to class, found the attendance sheet, wrote his name on it and said good- bye. he ghosted it and went to the game. >> but his professor, which is what they do, took attendance at the end of class to see who is are there. he wasn't there. he emailed charlie saying what
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it is a serious offense. it is lying. charlie responded saying, hey, i went to the world series and put this photo of him and his proper at progressive and the professor re-- brother at progressive, and his professor replied looks like an impeccable excuse. go, tribes! no repercussions. >> that is great. well, a lot more to get to this morning. it is 6:26ment donald trump, jr. is being called a hero. we will tell you what he did in arizona. >> and new development in a deadly drag racing crash. how the driver there has -- developments in a deadly drag racing crash. how the driver has ties to
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i will go to my grave as a cleveland fan. that is the wa >> the world series the series is tied up. >> and also, a dramatic resignation. the apartments community outremained. its school board -- outraged. its school board losing another member. >> and in this halloween terror decorations, the neighbor involved is a local officer. >> but first, check out the
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wow! they are not playing at progressive field today but you can watch it there, right, jd? yes. we saw rain and lights there at progressive field just 24 hours ago. we are not used to playing ball in late october so it is weird to have that on our brains. as you get outside this morning temperatures in the 40s. it feels more like 30s when you factor in the little bit of wind. gets the kids off to the bus stop. jackets. the sun will be up by lunch hour. make sure the kids come home with with the jackets and not leave them in random places. tomorrow it will be even warmer. we will talk about that in a bit. fulton to 90 a 3 minute ride. 67 miles per hour there. make sure you follow the speed limit. it is 60. elsewhere in drive times they look okay. no issues on 90.
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let's check on 90 right now. our view at 90 and fulton looking good in the east andbound lanes. and another view from the -- andbound lanes. and here -- and westbound lanes. here is another view from jon rudder. >> reporter: east at 271 here in airtracker5, things are moving as well. a great morning commute. no issues to report. we will keep you updated if that changes and check back in a couple minutes. back to you inside. we are underdogs. that is how we were raised. it has always been us against everybody else. >> the tribe will be in hostile territory tonight when they take on the cubs in game three. chicago is home of the cubs, right? but it is also the home of transplanted clevelanders like
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city. >> but he does not forget where he comes from. >> you can't take the cleveland out of the boy. that is for sure. >> that is for sure. cleveland fans will have a place to watch it in enemy territory. this is vaughn's in the shadows of wrigley field. the tribe's fans have gone there for years. and you may know people heading to chicago for game three. they won't be alone. the indians will be well >> more than 300 full-time employees will be in wrigley field this weekend. nick foley is live outside progressive with more of a opportunity for a lifetime for these folks. they didn't even have to pay for these tickets. >> reporter: i know. how about that, jackie. it has been 19 long years since the indians put themselves in this position, a few wins away from a world series title. it has been a amazing run for tribe's fans but extra special
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working for the team to see them shine in the spotlight once again. they are being rewarded for their dedication. this employee, matt, who works in the it department, he and 150 co-workers and significant others will be at wrigley field tonight for game three and another 150 or so will be flown up tomorrow for game four. matt started his indians career in 1997, the last time the indians wento world series and had never gone back. i thought maybe it was my fault we hadn't gone back. i am glad i don't have to say that anymore. >> reporter: it is not his fault. matt, it is not your fault. the trip includes two game tickets and food for the game. they also get two tickets for every home play-off game. it is a special ride for these employees, live outside progressive field, nick foley,
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happening in games three and four this weekend. for only $5 you can sit and watch the game on the scoreboard. better yet, all the money raised is going to local charities. well, breaking news coming into the live desk here. a possible break in all the recent smash-and-grabs across the city. police arresting this man at gunpoint. it started when a resident saw two vans following each other in the west 50th and memphis area. thought it was odd and called poce police found them. then at archwood and west 38th the van crashed into each other, the police behind them. they arrested one person. two others got away. the vans are stolen, one stripped out. it looks like the vans we have seen in all the smash-and-grabs that keep happening. jackie? corrina, developing this morning the parma city school board loses its leader again. sarah phinney is on top of this
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this was a surprise. >> it was an eventful meeting. the board approved the much needed fiscal recovery plan but also lost its top person. liz hall or ran is the -- halloran is the second person to quit the position in month. the plan that passed last night calls for staff cuts and other to balance the budget but the consolidation of the district's three high schools is off the table for now. the board is looking for another member to complete halloran's term. it ends december of next year. you must be a resident of the district and registered to vote. applications are being accepted now through november 2nd. in the tech center, sarah phinney, newschannel5. and chardon high school will reopen today.
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were found inside. students were sent home and firefighters ventilated the building. they say the source was a malfunctioning boiler. police in cleveland right now looking for a man involved in a deadly street racing crash. you may have heard his name before. two weeks ago israel lugo was racing another driver near west 25th when he hit and killed a man in a wheelchair. in 2013 he told news outlets he house two years before the three women there broke free but he says the cops never showed up. a buzz kill. one of the most popular drinks ordered in bars and clubs is taking a toll on your cranium. >> men a popular natural therapy debunked. why you can stop drinking
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what a difference a day makes. this morning accident-free. this is 271 at 90. no issues for you. a final check of weather and traffic coming up. a lot of you may be changing your drivenning order. shocking information for anybody that mixes energy drinks with booze. >> it cause as similar it has mind altering affects on teenagers that can last into adulthood. they say the two substances mixed together change your brain chemistry. corrina, you have another surprising health story? yes. we have long been told to turn to cranberry juice as a natural way to keep from getting urinary tract infections but it is perhaps not doing anything. the study found nursing home
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fewer utis than those taking a placebo. and a revolution lung cancer vaccine may be coming out of cuba. they have a reputation of high quality health care. now a buffalo clinic received fda approval to start clinical trials of a cuba vaccine that blocked the cancer cells that need to grow. the halloween horror are why one local family says these disgusting decorations have to go. >> then, would you spend money to help save your neighbors struggling with a drug addiction. voters in one county are facing a levy asking them to pay for muprograms. come -- for new programs.
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now in the morning sprint, more than 300 indians employees heading to wrigley to watch game three today. in i can nick has the latest. >> plus, another parma school board member resigns. sarah phinney with what is next. and corrina pysa with a possible break in the recent smash-and-grabs across the city. but first, tgif, everyone. let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist jd
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6:44 on this friday. we made it to the end of the week. it is quiet for us in terms of rain. this morning a live look outside. let's check the temperatures we have right now. akron 43. a west wind at 6, making it feel like 39. ashtabula is 42. meanwhile cleveland is 46 with a southwest wind at 6 making it feel a couple degrees cooler. the rest of the readings around the area, some locations have upper 30s like youngstown and fremont. as we go through this morning into the a climb more to the 50s. here is where we hoe should be at noon today -- we should be at noon today, the clouds will decrease and this afternoon we will be in the mid to upper 50s, a hair under where we should be this time of year. as the clouds clear from west to east, the temperatures will be warmer west versus east. the wind not as strong today out of the southwest at 5 to 15. the rain chances will go up tomorrow night to sunday
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tomorrow it will be warm. temperatures in the 70s. sunday a little bit cooler. making plans to check out the brown's game on sunday, it will be warmer during the tailgate than during the game tomorrow. shower chances should taper as the afternoon goes on. but, still, dress appropriately if you are heading out to the stadium. the seven-day forecast shows us the teeter-totter temperatures we have going on. take a look. saturday sunshine and 73. as we move more to sunday and back in the 70s again on tuesday. >> thank you, jd. well, no accidents to tell you about. just some slow spots. 490 east west be the 77. then 77 north around east 30th, no accidents, like i said. that is good news. akron is trouble-free on 77. 76, as well as 277. here are drive times -- let's check the view of 270 at
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fine. let's check with jon rudder in the sky. >> reporter: we are at 77 and 90. one lane is closed on the ramp to get to 90. a little slow traffic in that area but moving along at a snail's pace. no accidents here on airtracker5. corrina, to you. a possible break in the smash-and-grabs across the city. police arrests this man at gunpoint. it starts two vans following each other. they thought it was strange and called police. while police were following them the vans crashed near archwood and west 38th. police arrested one person. two others got away. we can tell you the vans are stolen. one of them is stripped out. it looks like the vans we have seen in all the smash-and-grabs that keep happening. now to nick foley live this morning at progressive field. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, corrina. all year long full-time indians
6:48 am
hard behind the scenes as the tribe makes its historic run to the world series. now the employees will be rewarded with the ultimate world series experience. we are talking hundreds of indians employees working hard as the team made the run and working hard in the field, as well, the employees have been working hard supporting them, every second of the way. now the employees will be flown to chicago for either tonight's game three or tomorrow's game four at wrigley field. about 300 employees like matt here has been working for the team for 19 years. we said matt has been working for 19 years. he started working the last time the indians made the world series in 1977. he traveled with the team when they went down to florida. a much different result back then and hoping for a different result as they head to chicago. nick foley, reporting live outside of progressive field. back to you, corrina. >> thank you, nick.
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tickets to see jay-z perform in cleveland. about 30 people showing up here at the corner of east 30th street and euclid over the past half hour. tickets available from 8 could 6 today, and then again tomorrow and sunday. with less than two weeks until election day officials are doing everything in their power to make sure everything goes smoothly but there is concern over what voters are jeopardy. it is called vote swapping. participants can sign up online and cell phones pledging to vote for each other's capitols in respective states so their votes can make an impact. sarah? yes. students and parents in parma are waking up to surprising news this warning. the parma city school board president resigned and she has only been in the position a few weeks. it happened at a important meeting, the board approving a
6:50 am
to state officials. some jobs and extra curriculars are on the chopping block but the consolidation of the three high schools is off the table, sparking anger and protests earlier this month. lynn halloran has resigned. the board is looking for another member to complete her term. it is december of next year. the candidate must be a resident of the district and a register v the application deadline is november 2nd. jackie? new this morning cleveland police raiding three homes and making two arrests in connection with recent smash- and-grabs. the plain dealer reports two men, both 18 years old, were charged in cage-free eggs with an armed smash-and-grab on euclid avenue back in september. the two are part of a street gang linked to other smash-and-
6:51 am
bond at $1 million. randy hamilton's past shows he has a lengthy criminal past including assault and domestic violence convictions. his wife filed a contemporary order against him in 2010 but a judge did not ban him from having firearms as part of the order. we are days away from halloween. in an alarming new statistic, aaa is reporting kids are four times more likely to be hit by a car on halloween tips police stress, put them in light colors clothes and take flashlights and glow stick, anything to make them stand out in a group. as for drivers, slow it down, especially if your neighborhood is not lit well. jackie? well, kristin, a local family calls police about these halloween decorations, saying the next door neighbor they have been fighting with put their names on tombstones in his front yard.
6:52 am
straw for her in a six-year battle but what is really concerning is the neighbor is a uniontown police officer and carries a gun. she called police and he told the officer to immediately take it down. right now an interim sheriff is overseeing sandusky county. the form he were fremont police chief is filling in for suspended sheriff over mire, facing charges -- over meijer prescription drug boxes. he says he is not guilty. don't go anywhere. the morning sprint continues
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look at this. this is donald trump, jr. helping a stranded driver in arizona get her car out of the road and eliminating the traffic grid. it was in 100-degree heat. trump, jr. even posed for photos afterwards. his dad, donald trump, is accusing nbc of breaking the law. he says them tapes of inappropriate comments about women is breaking the law because his mic is not supposed to be on. california law says it is illegal to record private conversations without the kent of parties -- consent of parties involved. trump says he will take action. president obama shortened sentences of 9 men including a euclid man's total trafficking cocaine sentence, bringing his convocations to nearly 900.
6:56 am
drug laws dated. helping students with loan debt. the obama administration issuing rules to help students that have been the victim of fraud and misconduct, allowing students to have their loans erased and puts colleges on the hook to repay the loans instead of tax payers. a hoverboard explodes, adestroyed this family's -- explode, destroying this family's home in tennessee. the product was falsely represented on amazon's website and did not contain an original samsung battery as advertised. amtrak will pay $265 million to settle claims in the 2015 train crash. eight people were killed and others were hurt.
6:57 am
it with us found. if not for the deal the courts would have had to deal with 125 individual cases. now to new developments in the oregon standoff that lasted months. the leader of the standoff has been acquitted of charges. they were part of a group that brought a long running dispute over federal lapped. jd? a forecast high of 58. here is how we get there hour- by-hour. the clouds will dre we have the brown's game, our final weekend at cedar point and the trick-or-treating is going on. we have a full list of who is doing what, where and when on so you can plan out this weekend and into next week. >> a nice warm up for the weekend. well, 271 at broadway, what a difference a day makes. yesterday we were dealing with slick roads. now we are looking good, nice and dry. >> the best pa right of the warm up, no need to wear a
6:58 am
go, tribes, tonight! i hope you have fun watching the game and have a happy halloween weekend.
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morning america." good morning, america. breaking overnight, terrifying moments on the tarmac. vp nominee mike pence's plane kid skidding off a new york runway after landing in a storm. the airport shutting down. emergency crews on the scene. >> it was pretty close to grave, grave danger but i just smo mike pence and he's fine. >> the safety measure that prevented disaster. governor pence joins us this morning. breaking right now, our brand-new poll shows a four-point race as hillary calls on her most powerful weapon joining michelle obama on the trail for the first time. >> she is absolutely ready to be commander in chief on day one and, yes, she happens to be a woman. the first lady dancing with the nominee with just 11 days to


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